Tasmanian Lamb Shoulder (Slow-Cooked)

Tasmanian Lamb Shoulder (Slow-Cooked)

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Premium Tasmanian Lamb Shoulder. Our chef's have brined then slow-cooked while on the bone, then expertly rolled neatly for you to finish.  

The lamb shoulder is a richer cut, which has been flavoured and had the fat content reduced by the slow cooking. 

This is a par-cooked product which you can easily ‘finish’. 

    Cooking Instruction;
    Note, this is a par-cooked product which requires finishing.
    Pre heat oven to 180
    Take lamb out of bag and place on lined baking tray
    Cook for 40 minutes.

    The Lamb Shoulder will weigh approx
    . 1.4-1.7kg

    Feeds - 4-6 people