This beautiful remote place in Bass Strait is unique. The incredibly lush pasture is born of mineral rich soils, cool annual temperatures, abundant rainfall and salt spray in the clean air and rain. Perfect for growing beef. More than just beef, the dairy, lobster and fishing are also world class 

We visited farms on King Island in 2003seeking Australia’s best beef while creating Pure South Dining restaurant in MelbourneWe created two beef-brands for the opening menu in 2004; King Island and Cape Grim. In my opinion, King Island Beef has consistently provided the best beef in Australia for the 17 years since
The many excellent farmers on King Island include Fred Perry and ‘Worm’ Watson; their pride in both the lush farm pastures and their family heritage on King Island seem about equal. The parochial pride is reassuring each time we visit.  

(BTW: Our ‘King Island Beef’ is certifiably in the top 10% of all MSA graded beef in Australia. MSA measures eating quality for tenderness, juiciness and flavour.)